[travel] Biking along the Han River

I'm not quite sure what it is about myself, but I'm an extremes kind of girl when it comes to weather. I either love it when it's scorching hot (because iced coffee tastes better that way, duh) or when it's absolutely positively freezing. I don't do so well in between.

No wonder I was worried about moving to Korea, guys. Day by day I can feel the temperature dropping and the inner coward in me shrinking away. The other day I was telling my mom, "You know, I just wish it would hit 0 fahrenheit already." I know. Crazy. But I don't like not knowing how cold it's going to get. I would much rather know - THIS IS THE COLDEST IT'LL GET. THE WAIT IS OVER!

Anyways. It's getting cold enough now that outdoor activities just are not possible, so I went through looking at pictures of when it was somewhat fathomable. Seoul is actually a great city to do more outdoor-athletic activities. Like I said before here, sometimes I just need to get away from the cafe scene.

Obligatory selfie

"So you're telling me that this requires actual work?"

Back in October, I decided to go and do something I've always wanted to do in Seoul - bike along the Han River. It was gorgeous out - so it turned out to be a great decision. And yes, my calves were screaming at me afterwards, but hey - it beat going to the gym.

All around the city are "bike rental centers" where they have bikes of all sizes and shapes (tandems too!) to rent out. They run 3,000won per hour, which is less than a cup of coffee. I got in some great exercise and got to enjoy the last of the warm, fall weather that Seoul is famous for. If you're ever in the mood to get some endorphins up and running, go to your nearest rental center - there are free and paid rentals all over the city.

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