[food] Everest - Indian, Nepalese, and Tibetan deliciousness

Korean curry. Japanese curry. Thai curry.

Those are the golden trio of curries you'll find normally on the main streets of Seoul. Delicious? Yes. But for me, these aren't curries. When you tell me about curry the first thought that comes to mind is the aroma of a good channa masala or a sag paneer... Indian curry is where it's at.

When I lived in Tanzania for a little while, I used to go on a weekly trek to Big Bite, an Indian restaurant run by a huge, bearded, grinning Indian gentleman, who had an appreciation for my big curry appetite. There is a large population of Indians in Tanzania as it also used to be under British rule. It's a bit of an odd place to have had authentic Indian fare, but it holds a special place in my heart.

Unfortunately, my first couple years in Korea, I didn't have the best experience with trying to find a good Indian curry. I tried loads of places. Some places came pretty close, but the curry would be visibly runny, or they would serve with white, short-grained rice, or heaven-forbid... kimchi.

But look no further, friends. because if you're craving Indian food in Seoul, there's only one place to go and that's Everest.

Everytime I go to this place, the scent and the atmosphere make me feel like I'm not living in a huge metropolis, but back in Arusha, having Mr. Big Bite's amazing dinners. 

Unlike a lot of Indian restaurants in Seoul, Everest won't set you back a million dollars. In fact, I went there yesterday and with 2 curries and 3 plates of naan, our total came to 24,000won. Roughly about 20 dollars. That's not bad considering we were stuffed silly. Curries are mostly around 8000-9000 with naan running from 2000 (plain). As I remember, garlic and butter naans were 2500 per plate. 

To go to Everest, go to Dongdaemun Station (line 1) exit 3, and walk straight out. You'll see an alleyway right by the makeup store Aritaum. Go down the alley and turn right. Immediately in front of you, you'll see a "장어" restaurant (an eel bbq restaurant). Everest is on the second floor of the fish place. 

Warning: Do NOT NOT NOT get confused, there's a restaurant nearby called Everest Curry World that is a different place!

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