[food] Bibigo - a new take on tradition

While hanging out at CJ Foodville, I decided to have lunch at Bibigo, basically a fast-food bibimbap (mixed rice with veggies and meat) restaurant. I absolutely loved it. Not only do they make bibimbap quickly - they also do it with healthier options.

You have three options: Bibigo rice, Bibimbap, or the Bibimbap on a hot stone. Bibigo rice has more veggies and is laid out salad-style, while the Bibimbap options are more "traditional." I put "traditional" in quotes because it's really modernized. The veggies have less garlic and salt than their traditional counterparts, making them a bit of a healthier alternative.

The second step is picking the rice: white rice, black rice (wild rice? Not sure about this one), brown rice, or barley rice. Options, options, so many options.

Third, you get to put in add-ons. This includes meats, but they do have tofu for those vegans and vegetarians out there - so no worries.

Lastly, the sauce to mix it all up in - the more traditional gochujang (hot pepper paste), or ssamjang (hot pepper paste and doenjang, or soy paste, mixed together), a sesame oil, or a lemon-soy dressing (I would love to try that in the future).

Then they load on the veggies and add-ons and pack it up (or plate it up) ready to go. Before you know it, you've got a delicious and healthy meal. I got a bibigo rice with brown rice and tofu with gochujang (soup and kimchi included) - all for about 7,000 KRW. Pretty much around the same you would pay for a burger and fries with a drink - and this, in my opinion is a much better option.

I loved having lunch here, and would go again. Try Bibigo sometime - from what I've heard they also have stores in Los Angeles! Locations around Seoul are listed on the website!

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