[life] Platoon Kunsthalle Flea Market!

Last Saturday I went with a friend to Platoon Kunsthalle, a restaurant/bar by day that also has a great subculture for art, design, style, and creativity to the max. Once a month they host a flea market where anyone can come and sell clothes, shoes, accessories or... anything, really.

Anyway, I ended up heading to the flea market around 7:30 (starts at 6) and it was still packed, though my friend said that it's usually even more crowded.

I had an awesome time, and even picked up a great military-style jacket from DKNY Jeans, for just 16,000 KRW! It was in awesome condition and hey, it's never too early to get ready for the fall! (Keep telling yourself that, right?)

Up on the roof, they have a terrace-like environment set up with pillows and such. People were out having hot dogs and drinks. If that doesn't say relaxed weekend, I don't really know what does.

Hopefully I get to head there again to check out other shows - they always seem to have a cool new event, and it's definitely an interesting crowd.

Check out Platoon Kunsthalle during the weekends, or the first Saturday of the month for their flea market.

Subway: Line 7 Hakdong Station, Exit 10. Walk straight until the large intersection, turn left and walk straight until you see Hana Bank on your right. The road straight after the bank will be where you turn right. Platoon Kunsthalle will be on your left. Total walking time will be about 15 minutes, but there are also bus stops that go closer! (Hopefully I improve at this directions thing!)

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