[food + cafe] Café Oui

Anyone ready for another Garosu-girl coffee spot? Well, there's certainly a never-ending list of them. This time, let me introduce you to Café Oui, a really gorgeous, quirky coffee shop in Sinsa.

If you can't tell by my pictures - they have some unique decorations going on - a loft style cafe, Café Oui is decorated by some old-school desks (one of them had a high school student's doodles on them) and some "cute" stuffed animal heads plopped on the walls - I say "cute" because... let's be honest, someone had to cut those stuffed animals...

A friend and I got an Americano, a tea, and some sweet potato fries with powdered sugar. The coffee was amazing, the tea came in an adorable little pot and the fries... oh my goodness, can you say ah-mazing. They came with a dollop of whipped cream and strawberries on the side and I think my heart now has a separate compartment for whipped cream, it was so good.

Check out Café Oui sometime - head to Garosu-gil (out of Sinsa station exit 8, walk straight and turn left onto Garosu-gil) and walk straight down until Coffee Kitchen, where you will turn left. Café Oui will be on your right - hint: watch out for Café Oui's lawn with patio chairs!

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