[food + cafe] Mug for Rabbit

This is what Seoul has looked like for the past few days. Rainy/Monsoon season has officially begun and it seems like most days, I'm looking at Seoul in abstract form through raindrops. But hey, it's not a bad way to be.

But today there was an awesome break from the rain, so a friend and I ventured out to Garosu-gil (gil = street in Korean). Apparently it's the "Paris" of Seoul... well, never been to Paris before, but they have some amazing independent coffee shops and bakeries, and an amazing shopping area.

After some shopping for a gift (if only it were mine!)...

... we went to Mug for Rabbit - a cafe with an interior to die for. Seriously, I would probably give up an arm and a leg to have a space like this for a loft.

Isn't it gorgeous? I love spaces like this, and Garosu-gil is just full of them. We had some iced tea and their to-die-for organic carrot cake, that cost around 5,000KRW for a huge slice.

 But we were hungry. It was gone in about two seconds.

To head to "Mug for Rabbit" - head to Sinsa station, walk out of exit 8 - walk straight to the entrance of Garosu-gil and turn left (after the Tous Les Jour but before IBK bank), walk straight for about 400 meters and Mug for Rabbit will be on your left-hand side.

Tip: Try their unique drinks - they have some interesting menu-items like the espresso-ade and the Wasabi latte (!!!! Haven't been brave enough to try this one yet)

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