[food + cafe] One of those things...

I got to have breakfast today.

Wow, that sounds so depressing when I write it down. Of course, I have breakfast most days, but today I had... "breakfast" - what I think of when I think of that beautiful word is a gorgeous wooden table, an amazing cup of coffee, and a baked good.

Living in Korea, and especially living in Korea with family - it means that most days, breakfast is a spread of rice and banchan - or small side dishes. Nothing wrong with that of course. Most days are filled with healthy veggie dishes, but sometimes veggies seasoned with salt, garlic, and with sides of onion just don't cut it. Sometimes that's more of a lunch kind of thing.

So this morning I had an early meeting so I ran out of the house before breakfast. The meeting got out before lunchtime and lo and behold - there was a café nearby that sold bagels. And not just bread shaped like bagels (which I've come across, for real), they were bagels (note: I realize I'm using a lot of italics and underlines today, but try to bear with me how I'm stressing these words. I clearly needed to be sedated).

Sometimes it's the little things that make your day.

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