[life + food] My first iHerb loot!

I got my iHerb order in the mail today! No, I didn't jump up and down with joy but I was pretty excited. It came pretty quickly - I ordered it over the weekend and it was in South Korea within a couple days and then it went through domestic customs. All in all it only took about 4 business days to get to my apartment.

So here's what I got:

Tazo De-caffeinated Passion Tea: I love passion tea, especially during the summer. I got a couple boxes of this stuff.

Raspberries in Dark Chocolate with 55% Cocoa Content: They actually don't have this available at iHerb anymore, but I love raspberries, I love dark chocolate. Done, and done.

Living Now Organic Quinoa (Whole Grain): I LOVE quinoa, but it's mad expensive in Korea, so of course I got a few bags from iHerb. Love it. Some ways to have quinoa: Salads, with curry, in muffins (gluten free chocolate muffins = amazing), and in cookies.

Lundberg Brown Rice Pasta (Gluten-free!): Ok, by now you're probably asking why all my food is gluten free (thus far) - I don't have celiac disease, or anything like that. But I found a few months ago that I just feel better and do a lot better with energy when I don't have too much (or any) gluten in my system. About 90% of the time I try to eat gluten-free, and it's fine most of the time... except when I crave pasta. So this is how I deal with that.

Ok, good stuff. Go get your stuff at iHerb - but beware. I literally spent a couple hours looking over their items and trying to decide what to get.

Use the coupon code DLR601 to get $10 off your first order!

(note: This is not a sponsored post! iHerb is a great resource to get organic, environmentally friendly, vegan, clean, and other products - anyone can sign up and anyone can get amazing products.)

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