[cafe] Oh Starbucks, how I missed you

This post isn't necessarily about Korea, but I've been a bit tired lately, and have been needing some cheering up. Any place that gives me a good day is worth talking about, in my opinion.

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love coffee. And furthermore, I absolutely love Starbucks. I think part of it stems from me having lived a total of 9 years in cities/countries/areas that have no Starbucks nearby.

The past two years when I lived in a small town in Indonesia, there would be days I craved a latte and decide to drive for two hours to get it at the nearest Starbucks. TWO HOURS! (I mean, I did other errands too... so please don't judge me). But why, you ask? Why Starbucks? Surely there must be some store that has a decent cup of coffee. True, there might have been. But the thing about Starbucks is - it's the same everywhere. I know that I can walk into any Starbucks in the world, order my favorite drink, and it'll taste the same in Indonesia, North Carolina, and now right here in Seoul. It's the one thing in my life right now that stays constant. It's nice having a Starbucks so close to my current home and being able to sit and just enjoy being the same.

Ok, that's a lot of heavy talk for a cup of coffee - but really, it keeps me sane. Thanks Starbucks.


For more info about Starbucks and all its locations throughout Korea, head to Starbucks Korea's official site: www.istarbucks.co.kr/

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