[food] Cooking up a storm!

Well, let's be honest - whenever I cook, it's never a storm. It's more of... a light shower. But I have been cooking. I moved into my new apartment last week and the best part of it is the kitchen, hands down. When I was living with my family - I rarely cooked real meals because I felt like I was intruding in someone else's space, but now it's mine! All mine! Well, mine and my roommate's. But hey, a kitchen is a kitchen.

Because of this newfound freedom in the kitchen, I have been religiously cooking most of my meals. Take a look!

Fresh salad with crab, jalapenos, and tomatoes

Pasta tossed with salmon and fresh greens

"One-pot" pasta with tomatoes, broccoli and red onion

... and yes, I realize that I "made" a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But in my defense, it was on a perfectly toasted bagel.

But this isn't to say that I've cooked all my meals - it wouldn't be me if I hadn't had some good eats over the week. I went to a popular taco chain - Dos Tacos in Seorae (Seoul's French Village)... though I was too hungry to take a picture... thus, the empty plates.

Here's a meal we had at Deli at D-cube City. "Deli" is run by the wonderful chef at the Sheraton Hotel. The food is top-knotch - especially the smoked salmon bagel sandwich.

On our first day of moving, we were wiped out by 1pm and wanted pizza. But being the foodies that we are, we couldn't really deal with the whole "order-by-phone" thing. We went to Vapiano instead and got some amazing ricotta pizza and pesto pizza. It was a great decision.

That's about it for now - more eating and more cooking to come! Oh, and running too... gotta get on that.

To head to Deli and Vapiano - head to Sindorim (line 2) Exit 1, D-cube city will be out the exit. Find Deli on the first level, and Vapiano upstairs in the food hall (not the food court in the basement!) 

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