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You know, as much as I love the chain-franchise bakeries and cafes, sometimes there's really nothing like an independent bakery. You can smell the fresh-baked goods from a mile away and don't get me started on how amazing the bread tastes.

Last week I made my way over to Lee Boulanger, one of these bakeries in Seorae Village. It's a bit trickier to find because it's not on the main streets of Seorae but a new side road that has been starting to be called the "new Garosu-gil." Apparently, Garosugil has been getting a *bit* crowded lately (... that's an understatement) so a lot of artists and chefs have been making their way into Seorae. I'm glad that they are, because lucky for me it's a 10 minute walk from my current home (... moving in 3 weeks! More on that later)

Anyhow, I walked in and it was like bread heaven. Take a look.

Baking the day's bread

Some of the deliciousness already on display

The bread is technically the star of the bakery, but they also brew coffee and have a variety of other drinks available

More deliciousness

Some cute old-fashioned touches here and there

To try out Lee Boulanger for yourself, head to 서울 서초구 방배동 796-4 or head to Bangbae Station, exit 4 and take the number 15 마을 bus to Hamjibak Sagori (Hamjibak Intersection). Cross the street towards Seorae and when you see the GastroPub on your right, take a left. Lee Boulanger will be about 50m to your left. (These directions can be a bit tricky but these tiny roads are all the charm of Montmartre!)

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