[ramblings] The time has come, friends

The time has come... for fall.

*cue screams*

Ok, the background of the screams: I haven't really had cold weather in a while... well, unless you count Christmas where I visited my family for a few weeks, but this is different. The transition from summer to fall is really happening, guys. I can see the leaves starting to fall - I can start to feel that chill in my room in the early mornings and late nights. That chill that says - hey you, you really thought you could survive the year with a QUILT? HA, you imbecile, think again.

So that really only leaves me with one option: Go shopping.

Well, one option divided into several mini trips. I've thus far only made one trip to Uniqlo - which I LOVE and didn't have access to in Indonesia (though they are opening their first store in Jakarta soon. I have horrible timing of moving countries). Clothes are affordable, cute, and warm.

On this particular trip I got two long sleeve shirts that I can layer and wear with pretty much everything (one black, one beige = $5 each!) and a gingham button down shirt ($29) with brown corduroy legging pants ($29). I picked basics that I could layer with other things as I get them. For example, I can't wait to wear the gingham shirt with a sweater and a skirt with maybe some patterned leggings. Paired with ankle boots? Hopefully it looks cute :) Who knows?

If you have any tips for staying cute through what is apparently going to be a crazy winter (save me now!!!) leave a comment below! Love, me.

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