[cafe] PLANT in Itaewon

I love reading Alien's Day Out blog - a blog written by Mipa, a vegan living here in Seoul. She posts about cafes, restaurants, and recipes that she's developed! I'm not a full vegan but I give so much respect to those that are - especially here in Seoul where everything seems to be cooked in meat/fish broth. Mipa recently opened a small food studio/cafe in Itaewon with another baker, and I've been meaning to visit PLANT forever.

Here's PLANT with the display case and the baking studio in the back. 

Itaewon is a bit of a trek from my place over in Guro, but Friday was still part of the long holiday, so I made my way over! My roommate and I had a gorgeous piece of sweet potato and chestnut pie made by Yona, and two iced coffees served in mason jars. Her boyfriend joined us later for some friendly ipad game competition.

PLANT is small, but so simply and beautifully decorated. The walls have souvenirs/decorations from all over, and every little piece has a story, I'm sure. I felt right at home.

We also spied some awesome lunch specials - which change every week. Note to self: go for lunch sometime!

Head over to PLANT in Itaewon - Itaewon (line 6) exit 4 - walk straight down till the Converse store. Take an immediate left and head down the steps and continue walking. PLANT will be on your right, right after the Italian restaurant (Mamma Miya) on your left.

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