[food] Work food!

When you work in a business/corporate district like I do, it's difficult to find good food. Sure, a cup of coffee will only set you back a dollar (or 1000won), and a cheap and filling meal is around any little corner, but will you get amazing food? Well, you know I'm always on a mission to find good food no matter where I am. So here are a couple of places I would recommend if you're ever in the Seolleung area.

One of my favorites is "Covent Garden" - a cute pasta and pizza eatery. It's packed during lunchtime with hungry businessmen and women looking for an appetizing, warm meal. So get ready to make some reservations or wait outside. Gorgeous atmosphere, amazing food.

(to get to Covent Garden, head to Seolleung Station, line 2 and Bundang line. Out of exit 2, walk straight ahead about 3 blocks. Covent Garden will be on your left. Gangnam-gu Daechi-dong 898-11)

Another one of my favorites is actually in a food court. Now, hold up - before you get all Judgy Judgerson on me - I'm not a huge fan of food courts either. But in the midst of all the msg and salt and who knows what that goes on in food courts, is this gem of a salad restaurant - " 내여자를 부탁해" or if we're going for the English translation, "Take care of my girl." This place has wonderful salads full of fresh veggies - either hard to find or ridiculously expensive! My favorite (so far) is the soft tofu salad with dried fruit and black sesame dressing.

("내여자를부탁해" can be found at Seolleung Station out of Exit 4 - walk straight about 300 meters to Hanshin Intervalley 24. Go down to the B1 Food Court. The restaurant is immediately to the left after getting off the escalator)

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