[food] So in the past 2.5 months...

I've kind of been all over the place. Apologies.

This blogging while working a job that doesn't include getting off work at 3pm thing... (man, I miss teaching) is more difficult than I thought it would be. But of course, that doesn't mean that I haven't been having my adventures!

The weekdays are usually a blur at work but on weekends, I am back to my old self - trying out new eateries with friends. I love these new friends of mine because they're always willing to try something new and introduce me to some amazing places. For example, I went to Butterfingers Pancakes for the first time and yall... I think I ate a heartattack on a platter. Which basically means it was the best meal ever. Real pancakes with sausage and hash browns and maple syrup? I could have stayed there forever.

(Butterfingers Pancakes, Gangnam branch: Gangnam station, line 2, exit 10. Walk straight out of the exit and take the first left. Butterfingers will be on the second block next to School Food)

I've also been back repeatedly to PLANT. I absolutely adore this place. The great thing is that Mipa and I go to the same church! She is so so so sweet and the universe is amazing because she messages me when there's cake flavors I love. Like this earl grey tea cake that I was just about dying to try. It's even more amazing than I thought it would be.

Good thing my friends love cake too. One night we went to Plant and had to try all 5 cakes/pies. It wasn't pretty, but it wasn't negotiable. (See my directions to Plant here).

That's probably enough food pictures and talk for now. Getting hungry... and it's past midnight.

More updates and deliciousness coming soon. Have something scrumptious for me this weekend, all! xoxo.

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