[food] Casablanca Sandwicherie!

Wow, I really have failed at keeping this blog alive - but fear not, my absence doesn't mean that I haven't been eating... if anything it means I've been too busy eating to write.

I gave up meat for lent, and it's been a bit tricky to try to find eateries that have vegetarian options available, but they do exist. So don't let being vegetarian stop you from socializing and finding new eateries around the city.

A while back I made my way over to Casablanca Sandwicherie for their famous Moroccan Sandwiches. Their sandwiches are reasonably priced and spiced to perfection. Vegetarian options are available, but their meat options are quite tasty as well.

It's a small shop and there isn't too much seating - but that doesn't stop the customers from lining up out the door. 

My friends and I passed the time on an ipad playing trivia... oh technology, what would we do without you?

The wait was worth it - prices range from 5,000 to 6,000 for the sandwiches served on baguettes - delicious.

If you're looking for a good hearty sandwich, head over to Casablanca right now. Like... immediately. From Noksapyeong Station (line 6) exit 2, walk straight until you hit the 3 way for in the road. Take the furthest LEFT fork and continue walking. You will pass Hackney and Burger Mine on your right before you see Casablanca on your left. Estimated time from station about 10-15 minutes. 

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