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Can you believe it's already almost mid-April? It seems like only yesterday that I was welcoming 2014 into existence, and already nearly a third of the year is over and done with. The weather is starting to get warmer and work has been picking up.

And though it gets busy, I've got to say that I love it so. Being busy agrees with me, and life is more fun when there is chaos in the scene. Here's a little taste of my day in the business district:

My day starts with a one-hour commute to work. And as much as I'm not crazy about it... there are good and bad sides to it all. I love people-watching and seeing how their days are going. I always smile when I see people happy and laughing as opposed to scowling.

In the mornings, more often than not I'll start out the day with a cup of coffee and a good book. You all know how much I love my coffee. There's something about starting out the day in a cafe that brings one a moment of peace. I'm usually reading books about faith, wisdom, God... and of course the Bible too! Beginning my day with a good dose of reality and what life is supposed to be about puts me in a good place before the chaos begins.

I do a lot of work at our main office, but sometimes I'm sent out on business trips - I actually like the traveling that comes along with my job. I like seeing my clients and getting to catch up with them. The socializing and connections I make with people make the commute worth it.

For lunch, I'll usually have a salad or something light(er) because work gets busier for me in the afternoons and I usually want to stay awake. I have some great eateries nearby, so there's always fun stuff to choose from. People in the business district don't tend to eat the healthiest... but it's good that there are options available!

Sometimes if I have time during my lunch break I'll go for a quick walk around the district - there's so many high-rise buildings that I never really get sick of the view.

In the afternoon I might need a little pick-me-up. This usually involves chocolate or coffee. Or a combination of the two.

After work I'll make the hour-long commute back home. And if I'm lucky, I get to catch this:

Overall, I'm a lucky girl. I work at a place I love - get to have the luxuries that some people only dream of... a steady income, good food, and friends and co-workers who support me. I'm giving thanks every day - Life is good!

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