[food] Brooklyn, the Burger Joint

So my relationship with meat is... complicated. I used to be vegetarian, then I went vegan, then I went raw for a while... it's not even much of an ethical issue - for me, I just feel better when I go with veggies. I've never been a huge fan of meat. But every now and then I'll crave a good burger or a steak.

When I gave up meat for lent this year, I knew I wanted my first meal afterwards to be a good burger... but that's a lot easier said than done here in Korea. After eating some of the best burgers everrrr in the US... it's hard to match up. But... Brooklyn the Burger Joint did a pretty good job. A good sized burger with a perfectly grilled patty. Their fries are actual fries (not teeny tiny!) which I was prettyyyyy happy about.

They have a large selection of burgers and deeeeelicious milk shakes, all in a very classically decorated diner-feel location... at least the one I went to, anyway. They have several locations, but Samseong is the closest to me!

To head to Brooklyn the Burger Joint, head out of Samseong Stn (line 2) Exit 5, turn right at the Hyundai Department store and walk straight to the end of the road and turn left (you'll see a temple at the intersection) and then make the first left. Tip: get some FRZ frozen custard afterwards!

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