[food] Weekend bites

Not much to update on, except that I've been eating up a storm since summer has started. I ran a 10k last week and injured my knee. So not only have I not been working out, my body has been demanding good food - and who am I to refuse orders?

On Saturday, I made my way to Seorae for the first time in a while... the last time I was there, it was last summer when I had just moved to Korea! How crazy is it that it's been over a year now? So in celebration, I first went to one of my favorite bakeries near Seorae, Kim Young Mo bakery and got a massive sandwich on oat bread:

And then proceeded to go get coffee and choux (my pastry of choice) at Paris Croissant. I may or may not have gotten some french macarons that disappeared before I could get a picture. I also had time to sit down and read an actual book for leisure... which I also hadn't done in a while. I decided to pay homage to the late, great Ms. Angelou:

Afterwards I walked around to try to digest. Seorae seriously has some of the cutest stores and porches:

But after I'd digested maybe about 10% of what I'd eaten, I went to a friend's gogi (meat)-grilling party and had this:

And this:

So needless to say...

Monday I had a salad at work and called it even.

All in all, the weeks have been going by so quickly... I think partly because they are so full. Full of good people, good food... just good experiences. I've loved every single bit of this year. Thanks for following with me, if you're keeping up. Hopefully the next year will be fulfilling as well - more good times ahead! Let's charge through!

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