[life + food] A day off

I've realized that days off of work are far different from days off school. I remember being in high school or college and the term "a day off" meant I could do whatever I wanted - even stay in bed all. day. long.

Unfortunately, in the real world "a day off" means "let's try to do everything I've been putting off for the past few weeks." But you know what? I really enjoy it. Yesterday was a day off for most corporate workers in Korea (because of regional elections), and I got up promptly at 6 and went about my day doing a mix of things I wanted AND needed to do... if that's not a successful day, I don't know what is.

The day started with coffee (like it always does) but two nights ago I made my first batch of cold brew coffee, and let me tell you, it was UH-mazing. I am so glad I made enough for a couple more cups because waking up to this coffee was unreal. For those of you that haven't tried cold brew - please do. Heat increases the acidity of coffee, but cold brew is smooth and almost sweet - without any added syrup. But of course, milk and syrup can be used generously for a creamy cup of kick-butt iced coffee. Find the directions for a great cold brew here.

Then I got to go on a short run - in beautiful weather. It's been raining nonstop for the past two days so to have gorgeous weather like this? I'm not complaining.

Most mornings, I don't have the luxury to eat breakfast at home. I usually take something with me like a granola bar, or buy something at work. But yesterday, I got to whip up my green smoothie and enjoy it while reading the news.

Then I did some laundry and cleaning - which I don't have pictures of... But that's a good thing, because it ain't pretty, people. Bathroom cleaning, vacuuming, taking out trash, washing dishes... oh boy. But you know what, the best thing is being done with cleaning and looking at your work of art and thinking "Go me!" (Granted, that pride lasts about three seconds before it's gross again, but hey - it's a process).

After a quick shower, I had some lunch that wasn't bought from a store (woooo!) - lettuce, spinach, egg whites with some Japanese sweet potato (less of an orangey-color and more of a potato texture, in my opinion) tossed in some honey mustard dressing. Yum.

And then off to a nearby coffee shop to work on translation material that's due next week (eek... where has time gone??).

I ran out of battery and thought I would do the rest of the translating at work - but ended up meeting a friend for some cafe time and dinner instead. We ended up going to a "dog cafe" which is a cafe... full of dogs!

Crazy idea - but it makes sense. Seoul is heavily populated and a majority of the population lives in apartment complexes where pets aren't necessarily allowed. A dog cafe allows you to come, get a drink and play with some dogs. Here's one that perched on my lap and didn't leave for a while.

We ended the day off by going to a Japanese curry restaurant "Abiko" : curry udon and curry rice!

Well, that was it. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but sometimes, ordinary is glorious. Finding beauty in the mundane things - that's what life is all about. Here's to more mundane days off!

(To have some of that Japanese curry, check out their website here. They're a chain and have several branches in the city. To go to the dog cafe I visited, head to Myungdong station, line 4 - exit 6. Walk out to the main road, take the first left, then the first right into a smaller alley. "Gae-nae cafe" will be on your left on the fourth floor)

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