[life] Musings on the first year

As I've been approaching my one-year mark in Korea (man... has it really gone by that quickly?) I've been giving thought to what makes me happy.

And I've realized that in the past year - the amount that it takes to make me smile or to give me a happy thought has shrunk quite a bit. It doesn't take a lot for me to be happy anymore. It could be a corny joke, a random meeting with a friend, a new acquaintance, a cupcake.

It's the little things that have been making me smile - making me love my life... If I look at the past few years, I spent a lot of time pondering about my life and what would become of it... would I be miserable? Why weren't things panning out? What was the matter with me? ... But what I've realized in the past year is that if I take things day by day, heck - if I take things minute by minute, I get to notice all the little details and little joys in life that really make life meaningful.

Not to say that I've learned all of life's lessons in the past year, but this year - if anything - has taught me that at this point in my life... I'm doing ok. I'm living, I'm growing, I'm appreciating.

Year two - welcome. I look forward to celebrating every. single. minute with you.

[note: for those of you wondering... picture is of a cupcake to go from Plant, a vegan cafe in Itaewon]

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