[food] And the hunt for good Mexican food continues...

Over the weekend I also went to Julio's Mexican Cuisine (I know... I basically ate my way through the weekend). I'm always down for a good burrito, and it's become somewhat of a ritual of mine to try each restaurant's "fusion-style" fries. Julio's also had some kimchi fries, so I obviously had to try them.

So for the burrito, we got Julio's "Cleveland style burrito" which is basically a burrito with a meat of your choice covered in a creamy avocado sauce. It had a hint of avocado and tasted a lot like carbonara sauce. If you're looking for something creamy - then this is for you. I don't know what about it made it... Cleveland-style, but I would say that it seemed to be more of a Korean take on a burrito. Delicious, nevertheless.

The kimchi fries are definitely delicious - but less cilantro and onion than other kimchi fries I've had. I love the taste of cilantro, so I wish they'd put some more on. But Koreans tend to be a bit afraid of the cilantro flavor, so maybe that's why they went easy on it. It has more of a tomato-ey sauce than kimchi, but if you're not a huge fan of the kimchi spice, then this could be perfect for you!

To head to Julio's, head to Gangnam station (line 2) and walk towards the CGV, take a right and Julio's will be on your right.

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