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Well, I'm glad to report that a) the weather is gorgeous lately and b) I have gotten back on the exercise train... sorta. Last week, I ended up meeting up with some friends to go biking along the Han River - something I love to do but hadn't had the chance to at all this Spring!

I jumped at the opportunity because to be honest, I've been feeling a bit lazy. My knee, thankfully, has mostly recovered but after not using it to its potential, I got comfortable sitting in bed and drinking coffee... and you know, being me.

My friends are all cooler than me, so most of them had their own bikes, but I rented a city bike this time - and it was cheappppp. For 3.5 hours, I paid a total of 4,000KRW which is a little less than 4 dollars in the US. SCORE. But, it convinced me that I want to invest in a nice bike - especially since I think I'm now hooked on riding.

This time, we biked from Banpo to Yeouido, but using the north side of the river (강북) instead of the south. To be honest, I think the scenery is much better on the north side. Once we got to Yeouido, we crossed the bridge back to the South and rode our way back to the Gangnam area.

It was a long-ish ride, but there are plenty of places to stop and take a break... coffeeshops...

Riverside shade...

And even some exercise equipment to work on those biceps (... totally kidding. I still don't know what exactly these machines do!)

Overall, I had so much fun, and can't wait to go again. For more info on bike rentals, check out the information here. And while bikes are allowed on the subway - remember that some lines (9 and the New Bundang Line in particular) have limited bike access on the weekends.

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