[life] Gangnam living

I've moved!

After a year of commuting an hour each way to work, church, and pretty much anywhere I need to go - I've finally moved to Gangnam, a central area of Seoul. It's only been a few days and so far I'm missing a lot of furniture and necessities, but I am so so so thankful for how easy the process was. I'm a planner and an organizer and I'm conditioned to think the worst for all things. So in the morning, as I was waiting for my new appliances to arrive, I felt like this:

But in all honesty, I had such good people around me who helped make the process easier. I got my appliances in, and the moving truck wasn't set to arrive until later that night... so I had friends who invited me over for a deeeelicious dinner:

(seriously, how lucky am I?)

Now as I'm starting to settle in, I'm finding a lot more time to just reflect and be on my own instead of surrounded by hundreds of people within a commute... like in the morning I can sit and enjoy the summer breeze:

And I'm able to walk home to enjoy the last little bits of sunlight along the city streets.

Overall, I'm just so thankful for all of it - I never want to be one of those people that take anything for granted. Looking forward to many more mornings, many more food-adventures, and many more days of giving thanks.

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