[food] Dean and Deluca - DIY Salads

One of my favorite places to go when I'm looking for a quick bite to eat is Dean & Deluca, located in the food court of Shinsegae Department Store at the Express Bus Terminal... now, this location isn't necessarily the best for all you foodies out there. Fast food is the food of choice as people are looking for something quick to grab on the go - and usually grabbing on the go means taste quality is sacrificed. But thankfully, Dean and Deluca doesn't do that.

I've always loved shopping there, and the options are kind of endless, but in the end I always go for their build-your-own-salads. It's relatively affordable, and when you're looking to read a book and have a nutritious mean, there's no beating it. It's a little chaotic because yes, it is located in a corner of the food court, but if you're eating by yourself and have a little white noise - perfection.

On this particular day, I had a couple hours to spare after running some errands, so I grabbed myself a bar seat and got this beauty:

For 11,000won (about 10 dollars), you can choose your type of lettuce and 5 toppings. Additional or premium toppings can cost you anywhere from 800 to 1,500 won. Top with your choice of dressing and there ya go.

I got a mixed salad with olives, kidney beans, sweet potato, yellow tomato green beans, and an extra topping of feta cheese. Topped with some balsamic dressing - delicious.

Their drinks are also great - from coffee to italian sodas, they're made on the spot and the service is quick and efficient for such a chaotic atmosphere.

I'll definitely need to head back soon and try their smoothies, pastries, spreads, sandwiches,... (I could go on, feel free to stop me whenever...)

To head to Dean & Deluca, go to Express Bus Terminal (lines 3, 7 and 9) and head to Shinsegae Department Store, food court (B1).

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