[food] JR's Southern BBQ

Seoul is beautiful in the fall. The leaves are falling, the city is bustling, and the cute boots are out - what more could you ask for?

Well, to be quite honest - the North Carolina state fair was happening this week and my facebook feed was full of food from the fair: funnel cake, fried turkey legs, fried oreos, fried pickles, fried... well, you get the picture. But it did make me homesick... if there's something I love as much as Seoul in the fall, it's North Carolina in the fall.

So I did what any southern gal would do... I went looking for barbecue. I would've gone looking for fried stuff but I'm running a half marathon (gasp - more on that later) in a couple weeks and I'm trying to stay away from putting complete junk in my body...

Anyway, to Itaewon I went! I'd always passed by JR's Southern BBQ on my jaunts but had never gone, and because I had some friends with me who were also feeling a bit homesick, we made it a point to stop by and enjoy some of their delicious food!

The indoor atmosphere feels like being back home. Southern charm and quirks. There was a foosball table, a pool table, a lively bar and even some seats next to the open windows, so that you felt like you were sitting outside on a patio. It was decorated for Halloween which was a sweet touch, considering I won't really be getting trick-or-treaters on my doorstep this year.

Good to know things are going to be ok. We got our food - delicious!

The pulled pork sandwich (12,000won) which came with fries and slaw and a side of broccoli (2,000). The broccoli was kind of a ridiculous side, to be honest with you - they gave me a tiny chunk of broccoli, but the food was good so it was sort of an afterthought.

Here's the brisket, which comes with fries and your choice of two sides...(16,000) their other sides include macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, corn, corn bread, and potato salad. But really, is getting anything other than slaw and mac and cheese acceptable?

The portion size is quite nice, and their menu varies from sandwiches (pulled pork, pulled beef, grilled chicken, burgers...) to delicious barbecue (brisket, ribs, meat platters, smoked chicken). To head to JR's, go to Itaewon Station (line 6), exit 4. Come straight out the exit and walk about 200 meters, JR's will be on the top floor on your left.

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