[life + food] Early morning baking

The best time to bake (in my opinion) is in the wee hours of the morning. The sun isn't out yet and there's nothing like smelling caramelizing sugar whilst the sun comes up. Or maybe there's one thing better... sleeping in. Unfortunately, that's never an option with us insomniacs, so let's stick to the baking.

I love the simple recipes, that all go in one bowl and 60 minutes later - presto - deliciousness. Like my banana bread with chocolate chips and walnuts:

Or my no-oil, no-butter banana oatmeal muffins:

My skillet cookie (recipe found in this post here):

If I'm feeling up for it, I like whipping up some macarons...

Or a fancy shmancy breakfast (why is Iggy Azalea stuck in my head?) of poached eggs on turkey and swiss and toasted english muffins:

And of course, the best cooking/baking is shared with friends. I love lazy Saturday brunches with girlfriends.

I made the meringues in the bottom right corner, my friend Liz whipped up the lasagna and the polenta/mac and cheese bites, and my other friend Marisa made the salad with apples and gorgonzola cheese. Yum... anyone else gettig hungry?

Now you know where I am if I'm not out at restaurants/cafes.
And you now know why I exercise.

Ok. xoxo.

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