[life + food] Clean and Healthy Eating in Korea

Still trying to figure this one out - I'm sure it's out there somewhere... there are plenty of vegan and vegetarian eaters / organic promoters here... still finding it hard to figure out ingredients and processed stuff... so in the meantime I've been using iHerb! I made my purchase today so hopefully it'll be here soon! I was surprised at how much stuff they had - and even some products I used back in the US and in Indonesia.

If you've never used iHerb, try it out! They ship to international locations, which is definitely a plus, and if you use the code DLR601, you get $5 off your first order and $10 off if your order is more than $40!

Product reviews coming soon :) And if you have any tips for eating clean in Korea, pass them my way - trust me, I'll need them!

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