[food + cafe] Coffee on a Thursday morning

One of the things I love (loved?) about being a teacher is that summers are laid back and relaxing - just like they used to be when you were a kid.... ok, well, I'm not sure if that's completely true. Because I'm not returning to my school next year, my summer really is "free" - last year's summer was spent part relaxing but part frantically trying to put together curriculums and lesson plans. (side note: I have mad respect for teachers who work year around and then take up their summers getting prepared for the next year - I mean, do they ever get a break???) 

Anyway, so today I decided to come out to one of my favorite coffee places called "Baker's King" for (maybe) the last time. I'm moving to South Korea in a little over and a week so I've been busy taking time to cross some places of my bucket list - aka, places to eat and drink coffee list.

Baker's King is basically a donut shop with a cafĂ© inside a larger shopping arena called Malang Olympic Garden. Donuts are a newer thing here, at least the soft, yummy, melt-in-your mouth type of donuts. The donuts are decently priced, and the atmosphere is interesting - a sort of industrial, funky-modern mix of sorts. (Ok, I know I'm really bad at explaining architecture and design... but bear with me here, I'll get better) The ceiling is very industrial with all the piping and airducts visible, and the furniture is a mix of these weird circular pods for two people (lovey-dovey people, I'm guessing) and comfy tables and chairs (my favorite!). Their coffee cups are a little worn down and there are issues, but it’s still hands down one of my favorite places to sit for a few hours and get some work done while enjoying some sugary baked goodness.

So the prices. You can buy donuts by 1, half dozen, or by the dozen. A donut is Rp. 4500, a half dozen is Rp. 25000, and a dozen is Rp. 40000. Rp. 10000 is roughly US$1... so a dozen donuts for $4? So that's where all my money went this year...

Oh, AND another perk of this Baker's King is that if you get an espresso-based drink, they'll give you a donut for free! (They have another location of Baker's King at a mall called MX, and they don't have this offer)

I’m going to miss it. They always know my coffee order, cater to my odd requests at times (like when I once asked for my donut without glaze – something that doesn’t really happen here!), and play a good mix of music. What more can a girl ask for?

Baker's King - Malang Olympic Garden - Basement Floor

(Disclaimer: this was not a sponsored post!)

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