[life] Pasar Besar (Big Market!)

Have I already said how much I am going to miss this place? Well, in case you didn't get it through my rhetorical question: I am going to miss this place.

I'm still making my rounds through my bucket list, but some places you just have to go to multiple times. I love going to the market in the mornings to pick up some groceries because:

  1. Money: It just doesn't get cheaper than the market, folks. 
  2. Local: Veggies and fruits are picked fresh and transported to market daily!
  3. Range: Literally I can walk 100 yards and have the option of buying pretty much anything and everything. They sell boxes, wood, tools, fabrics, clothes, shoes, and of course - fresh fruits and veggies. 
  4. Social: There's nothing like haggling down the price of broccoli with the lady at a stall full of vegetables. And she acts like she just isn't going to do it. And then she finally "relents" because you're "her favorite." Then you walk by her 10 minutes later giving someone a cheaper price. Sigh. Frenemies. 
Anyhow, I still love it. Because let's be honest, who wouldn't love this?

On the drive, passing by carts of oranges and other fruits:

Fresh flowers...

Amazing fabrics - "batik"

So much green! (Sorry about the picture quality - they'll get better, I promise!)

And if you're lucky you might get a friend to tag along:

I'm hopefully going to make it one more time before I move, but for those of you lucky enough to ever live or visit Indonesia - go to a market. You won't regret it. Even with the smell of durian in the air. Just kidding. Or am I? 

Pasar Besar (translation: Big Market) near Alun-Alun (Town Square) in Malang. Best food products available early mornings. 

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