[food + cafe] One more time

So I have a rule that I try to follow when ending experiences - if it was a good experience, then make it your last one. For example, I had a great time at the Baker's King last time I went (check out my post on it here), and I should have made it my last time... but of course, I had to trek out to the other Baker's King in another part of town. The atmosphere in this Baker's King is different - and not in a bad way. They have plush red couches with coffee tables with little soccer figurines inside. Quirky. So of course I fit in here pretty well.

However, I was wrong about my last post regarding Baker's King because I did get two free donuts with my two coffees I ordered (ok, judgy-judgerson, hold your horses, I went with a friend) and that's something that I've never gotten here before (remember my note on my preference of the other Baker's King because of their free donuts? I guess I was wrong!)

It's sort of hard to believe that these are two branches because the atmospheres are so different - different furniture, design, and a very different music selection (like... as I write this sitting on a red couch, they're playing some sort of euro-techno... something). But then again, different is good - keeps it new and fresh, don't ya think?

Baker's King - @MX

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