[cafe + life] Spring is here!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is officially Spring in Korea... which means outdoor seating! Hurrah!

I'm actually not a huge fan of Spring because Spring for me means allergies galore. Fortunately, the tree pollen in Korea hasn't been giving me huge issues, and allergy meds make me a pretty happy camper. Therefore, I've been on a quest to visit any cafe or restaurant with a patio and park myself there for hours at a time. Thankfully, friends of mine are willing to indulge me in this.

There aren't too many outdoor seating options in Korea, just because it's precious real estate and the times that you can sit outdoors in Korea are fairly limited (fall and spring are extremely short).

I've also been enjoying this season by going on runs along the gorgeous Han River...

...and getting green with envy from fresh flowers...

I love this season! It'll be summer soon, but hopefully, you all can find some time to enjoy this brief season.

  • For a cup of coffee outdoors... Cafe Leemans: From Exit 9 of Hongdae Univ. Station, walk  towards the university, and turn right at the crossing. Cafe Leeman's will be on your left
  • For a run along the Han... Head to any of the points on the Han either north or south: my favorite is Yeouido (south) or Banpo bridge (north)!
  • For fresh flowers... anywhere in the Hongdae/Sangsu area - gorgeous arrangements sold by arrangement or by piece. 

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