[food] Japanese Curry in Hapjeong

When I was two, I moved to Tokyo, and one of my favorite foods growing up was Japanese curry. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am a madddd Indian food lover. But there's a special place for Japan in my heart, and it brings me back to the little stalls in the busy Tokyo downtown area that sold curry.

So when one of my friends took me to this little store selling Japanese curry, I went back to the golden days. The presentation, the atmosphere - everything took me back to Tokyo.

For those of you missing Japan or wanting something a little different, head to Delmundo in Hapjeong. Yes, it's not the most Japanese name in the world, but trust me - it's delicious!

(Delmundo: Hapjeong, line number 2 and 6. Exit 3. Walk until you see the North Face and then veer right. When you reach the intersection, you will turn right and then walk straight until you reach the fork. You're going to go into the left side of the fork and then an immediate right into the alleyway. Delmundo will be on the second floor of the building.)

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