[food] Chicken-galbi

When a couple of my college friends stopped by Seoul last week, I took a good day or two to think about what types of foods they would like. While Korea has a variety of foreign and fusion food (as evidenced by this blog), I wanted their first meal to be something more traditionally Korean, but also really filling since they were going to be pretty hungry.

So when the boys flew in and got into the city by 8pm, I took them to "유가네" in Gangnam. 유가네 is a chain of chicken-galbi restaurants and to be honest, I don't think I've ever been disappointed with any of their options. Chicken galbi is a dish with cabbage, green onions, potatoes, and spicy, marinated chicken all cooked to perfection with add-ins on a huge pan. It's an experience because it's shared, and also something about the spices and the add-ons makes it a comfort food.

We got a chicken-seafood (weird combo, but delicious) to start and added on jjol-myun (noodles) and of course had to add on rice at the end to fry up the crispy caramelized bits of chicken.
It was received VERY well (just as I thought), though the chopsticks were a bit tricky in the beginning - within the hour we had finished off the pan clean. The meal is plenty for 4 people and ended up only being about 45,000won. Check out any 유가네 when Korean-fusion or foreign food isn't cutting it for you!

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